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How to use this blog

Visit the other links under “Getting Started” for internship agencies in the Hofstra community. The list is updated regularly as I get word of advertised positions. Be sure to check older posts too. If an agency looks like a good fit for you, consider emailing the contact person to inquire about upcoming positions. Visit this page for tips on how to compose an email to an internship contact person.

You can also do your own search, using the search engine and the search engine hosted at the  Hofstra Career Center.

If you wish to receive Psy credit for doing an internship, be sure to visit this page for information about prerequisites, academic requirements, and the application process.

If you wish to add your name into the research assistant application pool, which faculty and graduate students at Hofstra will check when looking for help each semester, fill out this form and email it to Dr. Ploran at with the subject line “RA application form”.

Good luck!!