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New internship opportunities! Summer 2013, Fall 2013, and Spring 2014

Internships are available for students interested in pursuing careers in criminology, psychology, social work and law. These internships are three credit classes available during summer, fall, or spring semesters. The current available internships include the following:

1) Nassau County District Attorney’s Office has internships in juvenile prosecutions, Youth Court, and their probation department. For example, a current Hofstra student is placed with the probation officer in charge of probationers with mental illness.

2) Queens Supreme Court has an internship with the judge in charge of the diversion courts also known as problem-solving courts which includes the drug treatment court, the veteran’s courts, a DWI court, and a mental illness court. For example, a current Hofstra student is working in the mental illness court and in the past we have had students working in the drug treatment court.

3) Bronx Supreme Court has an internship available with a judge in the criminal term. This internship is most suited to students considering law school.

Internships are first given to upper-level students and have GPA requirements. If you’d like to know more please contact Dr. Flaton by email –