PSY 99 Info


  • Doing an internship for psychology credit involves an academic component in addition to the hands-on experience. A minimum of 38 hours of work is required for each semester hour of credit: 28 hours of on-site work and 10 hours of academic work. Keep in mind some agencies might require more of a time commitment for the on-site work (e.g., 5 hours per week). Learn more about the academic component for a psychology internship by downloading the internship course syllabus here (it might be wise to check the Requirements below first).
  • If you do an internship to earn Psychology credit you will sign up for a course called PSY 99. You will be able to register for this course after you have completed the Psychology Internship Application (more about the Application in a bit).
  • The credit will count toward satisfying the Psychology 2-digit electives requirement and will also count toward the Liberal arts requirement. The number of credits is up to you (between 1 and 3).


  • Psychology GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Successful completion of at least 18 semester hours (credits) of Psychology courses
    Note: An internship would earn you between 1 and 3 PSY credits toward the Specialty/Applied electives. There is a 45 credit maximum for psychology credits.
  • Approved Psychology Internship Application
  • If you don’t meet the requirements, or if an internship for PSY credit would put you over the 45 PSY credit limit, consider doing an internship to work toward satisfying your non-major requirements instead. To do an internship for non-major credit, your cumulative GPA must be 2.5 or higher. To learn more contact Ms.Rene Giminiani-Caputo:

Still interested? Continue reading about the process.


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