PSY 99 Process

Finding an internship site advisor

Assuming you have

(1) satisfied the requirements for earning psychology internship credit (see PSY 99 Info),

(2) read the syllabus for the psychology internship course (PSY 99), and

(3) figured out where you want to intern (see Internship Basics),

your next step is to contact the internship site to figure out what your responsibilities will entail and who your advisor will be. To find an internship site adivsor, the most logical person to start with is the contact person for that site. Here are some tips on how to initiate contact with a potential internship site advisor:

  • Tell them a little bit about yourself and what type of experience you hope to gain from the internship (but don’t go overboard, a paragraph is just about right). Be sure to mention that you are an undergraduate – in the field of psychology, there is a major distinction between internships at the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Inform them that if they agree to be your advisor they will be contacted by the H U Psychology Internship Coordinator at three points during the semester: once at the beginning of the semester to discuss your responsibilities, and twice throughout the rest of the semester for an evaluation of your performance (FYI – you will need to meet with the Psychology Internship Coordinator before starting the internship; more about that meeting in a bit).
  • Inform them that there is an academic component for the internship course and that a faculty member from the H U Psychology department will be your advisor for that component.
  • Tell them they can contact you or the H U Psychology Internship Coordinator (Dr. Elisabeth Ploran, for additional information. While searching for an internship site, pay attention to any requirements they might have for applying. For example, some sites do a background check that can take up to 3 weeks, and some require a one-year commitment.

Finding a faculty advisor

After you have identified an internship site and site advisor, you next need to get a faculty member from the Psychology department to agree to be your faculty supervisor. Note: your faculty advisor for the internship is not necessarily going to be the same person you go to see about your class schedule, chat with about your DAR, etc. Here are some tips on how to get a faculty advisor:

  • You should be able to find a link between the topics covered in one or more of your psychology classes and the type of work you’ll be doing at the internship. Any professor from those classes would be a good choice.
  • Find a faculty member from the Psychology department whose teaching and/or research interests overlap with the type of work you’ll be doing. You can find information about the Psychology faculty members here. Go here for contact information.
  • When you contact a faculty member tell them where you intend to do the internship and what your responsibilities will entail. If you have taken a class with this faculty member, remind them of the course and semester.

Ready to go? You can find the forms to sign up here!


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